Our People

Our people really are our biggest asset. Our professional and caring team are experts in their field. Their enthusiasm for early years and creative approach inspire children to discover their own creativity and individual strengths, giving them the structure and confidence to grow and move on confidently to primary school - with skills that will last a lifetime.

Spring staff combine extensive knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage with a warm and nurturing environment, and know that a fun and positive atmosphere will inspire our children to discover, grow and learn through play.

It is important that our team continue to grow with us, and we ensure our people are supported to develop their already extensive knowledge through continuous learning and experience. A career pathway helps our people to grow within the Spring family and to find the place where they can be their best selves to inspire children to meet their potential.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well at Spring, we have that village, in the shape of our expert Early Years team; Our Grow and Play services; and the specialist knowledge of Action for Children. Keeping that village fresh and innovative is a priority for us, and we need strong teams to help us achieve our aims and deliver the very best environment.